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Welcome To BirthMark beta v2.0

In an effort to receive the maximum amount of feedback and build the best platform for our community, we are opening the world's first tattoo marketplace for public testing on Goerli testnet.

Use a burner wallet when testing the site! This is a work in progress. DO NOT connect with a wallet that holds any of your valuable assets. Just in case... We won't be responsible for any of your losses.

Tattoo Artists

Using the site as an artist means that you can create collections, mint your tattoos and list them on our marketplace for sale. BirthMark is a curated platform; that means we need to give the “artist” role to a user, which we do through a short application form.

Please fill out the form below if you want to test the site as an artist. If you are new to NFTs, no problem! We will reach out to you through email or Instagram and get you up to speed.


Using the site as a collector means that you can buy tattoos, place offers, make bids on auctions, get refunds, get inked... BirthMark is a primary sales platform, which means that only one sale happens per tattoo. For secondary sales, you can use testnets.opensea.io (works almost the same as mainnet OS.)

Testing the site as a collector doesn't require any action on our end. Simply connect with your burner wallet and make sure it is set to the Goerli testnet.

We need and value your feedback!Both artists and collectors are invited to fill out our feedback form. We want to build the best online tattoo experience and we can't do it without you!

Known Issues

BirthMark Tattoo is still a few months away from officially launching on the mainnet. There are some issues that we are aware of and working on already. For your convenience, here is what to expect:

What Works:

All of the functionality (create, mint, list, buy, refund, inking...)

Needs Improvement:

  1. More wallets integration
  2. Elastic search bar integration
  3. More info boxes around the platform
  4. Higher resolution image uploads
  5. Better Back-End design
  6. Twitter, Instagram authorization (pending)
  7. Responsive design (rough draft)

Image Sizes:

Our current back-end setup allows only small images to be uploaded. These include profile pictures, banners, collection covers etc. We know it can be annoying and we are working on a new design for our back-end, which will give us complete control over these issues.

Refresh Page:

When you are using a feature, you will see an ink drop animation play, that is our load screen. Try not to change or refresh the page until that animation stops playing. Otherwise, some of the images may not upload correctly, and collections/NFTs may appear empty/buggy.

This usually happens during a transaction.

For example: When you are minting a tattoo, image is uploaded to IPFS and the token is created on the blockchain first. When that transaction is completed, the same information is written on our back-end. Ink drop animation will stop playing when data is saved on our back-end too.

Refresh-bugs described above may occur if you refresh or change the page when you see your transaction is approved on MetaMask, but the load screen is still running.